My Life, My Love, My Laughter
You Don't Know Me
City of Angels
Whatever Happened to Main Street

Arrangers and Producers: Michael Vail Blum, Tom Canning, Wayne Cook, Richard Egizi, Randy Farrar, Herman Jackson, Gene Page, Peter Sterling Radcliffe, Sylvester Rivers, Joe Saraceno
Keyboards: Tom Canning, Wayne Cook, Randy Farrar, Herman Jackson,
Guitars: Bart Davis, Mitch Holder, Robin Johnston, Dick McIlvery, Dave Murdy, Dean Pleasants, Kamil Rustam, Josh Sklair
Pedal Steel and Dobro: Greg Leisz, Rich Weiss
Bass: Del Atkins, Ron Dibuccio, Nathan East, Cliff Hugo
Drummers: Rayford Griffin, Gary Mallaber, Rick Schlosser
Back up vocals: Donna Cristy, Ron Dibuccio, Teresa James, Steve Lively
Cello, Violins and Fiddle: Sherril Baptist, Karen Briggs, Chas Waltz
Trumpet: Gary Grant
Wood Flute: Jim Radon
Engineers: Michael Vail Blum, Wayne Cook, Randy Farrar, John Prpich
Mastering Engineers: Bernie Becker, Dale Becker, Don Tyler
Voice Coach: Gene Merlino
Music Pals: Jackie Allan, Myron Bernard, Richard Bridge, The Sepe Brothers (Tony and Bill), Scott Galloway, Bob Jenkins, Ted Joseph, George Motola, Mike Nunes, Wayne Radcliffe, Lena Ringstad, Sigs in Entertainment
The first supporting musician in my life was my dear big sister, Rexine, who accompanied me on the piano when I was 4 and 5 years old. Then , in college, Jolene came into my life, and has always believed in me, and I don’t believe anyone said more prayers for me over the years than my Mother.